Terms Of Use

Listed below are the terms and conditions of huanjingzazhi.com. Each and every visitor of this website is required to fully comply with them.

A Website Dedicated To Environmental Technology

Huanjingzazhi.com is dedicated to saving the planet thru environmental technology. With threats of climate change, huanjingzazhi.com aims to inspire more folks to be more mindful of the various ways to help preserve the planet.

Huanjingzazhi.com encourages visitors to share their thoughts on saving and greening the planet. No other topic will be entertained here.

Expressing Thoughts, Opinions, And Comments

This website does not allow inappropriate thoughts, opinions, and comments. Everything that is expressed here should be aligned to what the website is all about. Comments that are disparaging and discriminating are blocked and will not be posted publicly.

Most importantly, this website will not allow political views and criticisms on environmental issues. This website is dedicated to discuss various ways to help save the environment. It is not, in any way, politically inclined.

Privacy Matters

Visitors of this website agree to share some of their data. Whether personal or general data, visitors consent to sharing them.

With their knowledge and consent, their IP address is collected each time they’re on my website. In addition that, they also agree to share their name and email address each time they post a message or a comment. Since privacy matters, visitors and users of this website agree to read the policy on how their personal data is protected.

It’s time everybody takes a stand in preserving the planet. Huanjingzazhi.com is committed to make positive changes in ensuring the planet is a safe place even for the next generation to come.

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