Green Ideas Unveil With The Environmental Technology Verification Program

innovative-technology-online-backupThe Environmental Technology Verification Program or ETV is a documentation process that establishes and validates the efficiency of cutting edge technologies that focus on the environment.

The video describes the kind of scenario where the Environmental Technology Verification Program is most useful. This particular scenario is where you have “developed an innovative environmental technology”.

Excited, hopeful, and optimistic about your new technology, the next thing you would want to do is launch it. But since it’s a new kind of technology, it will definitely be challenging to make a breakthrough in proving just how much the environment can benefit from it.

What Is Innovative Environmental Technology?  

An innovative environmental technology is made up of the following components:

  • Vision
  • Creative idea
  • Superior prototype
  • Manufacturing plan
  • Marketing strategy
  • Product  and delivery claim

Most important to note about an innovative environmental technology is that it should “offer one or more environmental advantages”. For example the technology can perhaps “save energy, clean water, or release fewer emissions”.

It is not enough to have to just have a prototype of your idea, an innovative environmental technology should align to the Program’s standard and approval process. The video states that “an ETV scheme is documentation that your technology can actually do what you claim it can do”. That clearly defines what Environmental Technology Verification is.

The Program verifies innovative environmental technologies through various means.

  • Monitoring Systems
  • Air Pollution Control
  • Drinking Water Systems
  • Greenhouse Gas Technology Center
  • Materials Management
  • Water Quality Protection

A Brief Description Of The Process

The ETV process is very thorough. It covers the various environmental media such as air, water, and land.

The ETV is based on the following:

  • Transperancy
  • Independence
  • Uniformed consistent process

The uniformed or standard process is spearheaded by experts from various fields. Their knowledge will suit your particular technology. This, in turn, is most beneficial as the effectiveness of your innovative environmental technology is measured. There is no doubt that this verification process can help open the gates to the marketplaces.

With an extensive and reliable process, all important aspects of the innovative environmental technology is secured. But most importantly the Product Claim is verified.

The Nine Stages of ETV

  • Establish contact between the applier and the verifier
  • Perform quick scan, examine potential, establish calibration, and adjust expectations
  • Assess readiness and make an application stating the effectiveness of the environmental technology
  • Sign contract
  • Agree on Process by detailing terms of references
  • Prepare specific verification protocol
  • Undergo the required verification tests
  • Draw up report of verification
  • Publish verification statements

The Benefits Of ETV

One benefit you will gain from the ETV is the effective quality assurance as stamped by a distinguished European quality trademark. You will also be engaged in the process itself, planning out the vital environmental requirements. One most relevant advantage of ETV is having a verification statement that describes the “eco efficiency of the technology”. All the benefits can definitely help in the transition to a green economy.

The bottom line is that green great ideas should start with the ETV to end up in the right marketplace.

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