Environmental Technology In China: Focus In Renewable Energy

solar-power-technologyI’m very proud of my Chinese heritage. So when I found out how China is developing their environmental technology, I thought of sharing it.

China is a huge land with a population of over 1.35 billion. The growth of China has been significantly rapid as compared to other nations. In terms of economic growth, there’s just no stopping China. As the world relies on China to manufacture goods and products, more jobs and businesses are created. China, is no doubt, a leading force in the global economy.

But with such economic growth, China is also faced with a lot of environmental issues. The fast industrialization of China has opened the gates to various environmental challenges that need immediate attention. To name a few, these environmental challenges are shortage of water, depleted forest areas, and pollution. With the growing population, China is quickly depleting its natural resources.

Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asia Pacific, Mark Schwartz, depicts the costly repercussions of China’s rapid economic growth.

“And that cost has come in the form of environmental degradation. Over the last ten or twenty years,  those environmental cost have risen dramatically as China’s economy has gained so much speed and acceleration.”

China’s Focus

The good news is that the Chinese government has started to focus on the alarming environmental issues like air pollution. As a matter of fact, China has prioritized environmental issues for the  next twenty years.

According to Mark Schwartz:

“You can see that elaborated in the 12th five-year plan. The five-year plan is sort of a national strategy, a national blueprint for what is most important, what’s becoming prioritized for the Chinese people.”

Renewable energy is at the heart of the 12th five-year plan. This shows how committed China is in boosting their environmental technology.

Breakthrough In Environmental Technology

While the 12th five-year plan shows China’s staunch commitment to the environment, this fast-growing nation has already established certain environmental technologies that’s helping them accomplish energy sustainability. One good example is the wind farm in Xinjang, China. Another good example are the various hydroelectric power plants established in certain areas.

But one astounding example is China’s fast emergence in the manufacturing of solar panels. It is interesting to note that China leads the world in the manufacturing of solar photovoltaics, a key component in this particular environmental technology.

All these are serious initiatives geared towards tapping renewable energy.  It’s good to know that an economic giant such as China is serious in its endeavor to develop their environmental technology. Their initiatives can serve as a roadmap for other nations as well.

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